AHLG Celebrates 10 years

10 years of making life better!

In the lead-up to AHLG’s 10-year anniversary, I sat down with Jarrad & Luke to hear their reflections, get some start-up stories, and learn about the journey of this great local company.

“AHLG is all about making life better!” Jarrad proudly exclaims. “That’s better for our team, their families, making life better for our clients, and it ties in with what we do—making the environment better, Adelaide, and the Hills. We just want to make life better.” You may expect to hear this aspirational thinking from a not-for-profit trying to end world hunger, but a local landscaping company? It’s not as common.

Co-owner Luke Timmins continues, almost finishing Jarrad’s thoughts, “People want more than a job; they want to make an impact. We want to offer that to people, create buy-in, and the result is better as well.” And the longer you spend around the sheds, chatting with the team, and getting amongst the banter out on various sites across the Hills and Adelaide, you are confronted with just that: team member after team member who loves what they do and works their butts off ‘for the badge.’

The early days

Let’s take it back to the early days. After some years in the garden and maintenance industry, Jarrad decided to step out and begin Adelaide Hills Lawns & Gardens. The date was April 1st, and Jarrad says, ‘I was as raw as they come.’ But with help from his Dad, Phil, and brother, Shaun, and some helpful tips from friends, he got out to his first job.

Jarrad recalls one of his first jobs was a large hedge in Murray Bridge. He admits he had ‘bitten off more than he could chew’ and ‘called the old man for some much-needed help.’ Passion, work ethic, drive, and support from those close seemed to be the catalyst that kept Jarrad going through the early days. The busier he got, the harder he worked, and his passion for business grew like Kikuyu in the Spring.

One of Jarrad’s business mottos is to ’employ and be around people who are better than you at what they do.’

And with that, Luke began his AHLG career. Luke admits it was to earn a bit of cash in the uni holidays. However, when the time came to return to uni, Luke opted to go full-time on tools, and he’s never looked back. In December 2015, Jarrad and Luke became co-owners of AHLG and, in doing so, have arguably created the greatest partnership since Lillee and Marsh.

The team grows

The future is bright

Growing from 1 to 2, to 48 staff (at last count) has undoubtedly been the highlight of the 10 years. Over that time, lifelong relationships have been built, and great people have donned the badge, with the longest-serving team member being Brad Dawe, who has been at AHLG for 7 years. Brad says even from the get-go, AHLG has ‘put employees first,’ which is no mean feat as with any business, growing to new heights can create all sorts of complex challenges.

But AHLG is built differently. ‘AHLG is different from other places I’ve worked at,’ reflects Bob, the Maintenance Manager. ‘It’s a great environment to be in; everyone genuinely cares about you.’

It seems another reason AHLG has reached the 10-year milestone is the way the company continues to evolve and adapt. AHLG has grown from focusing on garden maintenance to landscaping and commercial maintenance. It spent a couple of years with a tree division and is currently contemplating moving into catering, boasting an end-of-month team BBQ that’s reputation reaches further than Gravesy’s driving skills (story here).

With all jokes aside, Jarrad says, “The future is bright. The future is super exciting!”

It is great to look back and acknowledge the journey, the team, and the relationships that have forged what AHLG has become. But now, Jarrad, Luke, and the AHLG team continue to get up at the crack of dawn, load up the trailers, talk some sh*t, and get out and do what they do best—to keep Adelaide and the Hills beautiful!

Watch more of AHLG's journey in this video

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AHLG Celebrates 10 years

In the lead up to AHLG’s 10 year anniversary I sat down with Jarrad & Luke to hear their reflections, get some start-up stories, and hear about the journey of this great local company.

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