Autumn To-Do List

Here is your Autumn to-do list.

✅ Mowing: Keep an eye on the temperature, when it does eventually drop, you want to start raising the height of your mower slightly so you’re not putting your lawn under any unnecessary stress.

✅  Fertilising: Find a product with the right balance of the key nutrients – Nitrogen, Potassium, Iron and Magnesium to promote growth but also provide that lush green colour. We use MP Spectrum or SIX IRON®

✅  Weed control: Apply a pre-emergent herbicide to prevent those winter grasses coming up in your lawn during the cold season. Barricade will help prevent weedy seeds from germinating.

✅  Roses: It’s the time of year for deadheading your roses and an application of fertiliser to help the last wave of flowers before winter dormancy.

✅  Soil improvement: We throw out plenty of Seamungus, Popul8 and GOGO Juice to uphold an abundance of organic nutrients needed for root development and plant growth throughout Autumn.

✅  Business book recommendation: Jarrad recently read The Unexpected Leader by Sean Glaze. It’s an inspiring and thought-provoking read, perfect for a business leader or a team member wanting more from their work.

✅  Local brunch spot: The Fourth Hill Providore has been open for just on a year, serving up delicious coffee and local eats. Well worth a visit this Autumn.

✅  Playlist:
Music regularly spinning in the sheds includes, Gang of Youths, RUFUS DU SOL, Spacey Jane, Drake, and Taylor Swift (if you’re lucky)

✅  Podcast: The Full Landscape – Clint Adams (MLSA President, Owner of Waterpro, Railways & LawnHub) interviews various people affiliated with the landscaping industry in SA. Dig back through the archives and you may stumble across an AHLG ep too.

✅  Beer: Some of the team opt for a heavier brew coming into the colder months, Coopers Pacific Pale Ale is a solid option, a bit more body than a lager with some fruity flavours.

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Autumn to do list


Autumn To-Do List

Here is your Autumn to-do list.

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