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Arborist Report Adelaide Hills

An Arborist Report is a document that states the Arborist’s assessment of the tree, or trees, in question and provides detailed data on a range of concerns – from common identification items to the health, vigor and size of the trees.

Reasons to remove a tree can vary. It might be creating a danger by dropping branches, you might want to have the tree removed for aesthetic reasons, or it may be interrupting your building plans. Whatever the reason may be, to remove most trees you will need to seek approval from your council, and to get that permission, you will need to submit an Arborist Report.

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While it may not be the case for every tree in every council, your local council will have its own regulations, so check with them first – and never assume.

Local councils across Australia require an Arborist Report because part of their job is to protect Australia’s beautiful natural environment. If tree removal was not monitored and regulated, native and rare trees would be needlessly removed. A qualified Arborist is trained to know local council regulations surrounding tree removal and knows how to identify trees that can legally be removed versus those that should be preserved. At AHLG, we are lucky enough to have Juan on our team, who is not only our Tree Division Manager, but is also a Level 5 Qualified Arborist.

An Arborist Report is a document that will address a list of issues regarding the tree removal. Just some of them include:

  • A site map
  • The scientific name of the tree to be removed
  • The tree’s height, canopy spread, trunk diameter and other details about the tree size
  • Information about diseases, pests and other abnormalities present in the tree
  • Arguments in favour of, or against alternatives to full tree removal

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