Autumn Lawn Tips

Autumn is the time of year to set your lawn up in the best shape to get through the winter dormancy. See below a few points which may help you get your lawns through the cold period the best it can. Different turf species require different care, these tips will help maintain the best health and appearance for your lawn and use as a general guide only.

During autumn and going into winter you should be mowing your lawn every 2 weeks. Your lawn will start to slow down its growth as the temperatures become colder. You can raise the height of the cut slightly.

Weed Control
Autumn is a great time to apply a pre-emergent herbicide to prevent those broad leaf weeds and ugly winter grasses coming up in your lawn during winter. Barricade is a great product which will help prevent these weedy seeds from germinating.

To help with the colour and appearance of your lawn now is a good time to apply nitrogen and iron. Also fertilisers with a high potassium ratio will help the lawn have the strength to get through the winter period.

Going into autumn is a good time to start reducing the amount of water going on your lawns. Twice a week is enough depending on rainfall and type of sprinklers used.

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