In this uncertain time, it is hard to make any bold announcements as circumstances are continually changing, which are out of our hands. However, for the time being, we are doing our best to operate as normal.

We are following government and medical recommendations, and have implemented different hygiene practices to make sure we are doing what we can to stop the spread! Unfortunately, our business has been hit quite hard with the loss of many regular jobs and as expected, the phone has slowed right down too. Sadly, like so many other companies, we have been forced to make some difficult decisions in-house in order for us to be able to stay afloat. We are highly optimistic though! We have some great foundations and strategies in place to help get us through and most importantly, we have an amazing team of people who are all pulling together to come out of this thing better and stronger than ever. We are extremely grateful that we can still operate to some extent, as we are well aware that thousands of other companies are less fortunate.

We can’t be more thankful of our amazing clients who are continuing with our service, and we hope that our hard work is bringing some joy to you all.

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