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Garden Maintenance FAQ

You’ll be surprised to see just how much we can do in such a short amount of time to give your garden the spruce up it needs! From removing dead or struggling plants, cutting back trees or shrubs which have had little or no attention over a period of time or just a general rake and tidy up of debris, we can apply many different strategies to get your gardens back to looking great, and more importantly – maintainable!

What’s more, we can also apply mulch or compost to your garden to ensure healthy soil and plants, advise on irrigation settings or install a new irrigation system for you, advise on plant selections, prune back roses or other deciduous varieties and help to prepare your garden for each season.

Our team can perform a quick tidy up of your yard if your plants and lawn have become a bit out of control or need some extra TLC. We will even remove your green waste for you and are equipped to cut back or remove large mature trees as well. Whether you need a once-off garden clean up or ongoing assistance with your gardening, we can assist!

Lawn maintenance is our speciality. We can provide a basic lawn mowing and edging service to keep your lawns neat and tidy, or we can take it to the next level, and implement a full 12 month lawn care package which will see your lawns looking the best on the street!

We are experts on lawn installation and grass maintenance for all kinds of lawn such as Kikuyu, Couch, Buffalo, Fescue or Santa Ana – and can also advise on the best type of lawn for your garden. For example, a grass type that grows well in the Adelaide Hills region may not grow as well down on the flats in the Adelaide suburbs. If in doubt, chat to us – we would be more than happy to assist in any aspect of your garden and lawn care.

We are a full service lawn care business and can also assist with lawn coring, lawn aerating, lawn scarifying, top dressing and pest and weed management to ensure a healthy lawn year-round.

We are based in the Adelaide Hills and service all areas throughout the Hills and greater Adelaide.

After we finish your garden makeover, we will remove your green waste from site as part of our landscape maintenance service.

Gardens are to be enjoyed by you and your family year-round, but not everyone has a green thumb. Never fear, we are here to help! Our team includes qualified horticulturalists and experiences gardeners and landscapers who can provide advice on your garden to get it looking its best.

We recognise that there is not a “one size fits all” package to ensure a healthy garden. We will prepare a quote based on your individual requirements to ensure the best possible result for your garden. Our years of experience enable us to provide a prescription for your garden to ensure it will thrive year-round.

We offer once-off garden tidy-ups as well as affordable options for ongoing care to ensure your garden looks its best from season to season.

Tree Services FAQ

There are many different factors that determine the cost of tree removal, including but not limited to:

  • height,
  • circumference,
  • location,
  • accessibility,
  • and health of the tree, etc.

Please get in contact with us, or use the quoting tool to help us provide you with a quote.

It is always best to use a professional tree removal service. Removing trees come with many hurdles, including safety hazards, roots that may cause damage to houses when removed, pests, etc. When your hire a professional tree removal surface, you are taking out the risk of tree removal and ensuring the best and safest result.

We are insured to perform tree removal work and employ a qualified arborist who heads our tree division. When you hire AHLG to remove your trees, you are receiving a service that will help to ensure that you can avoid having any bigger issues down the track.

There are lots of regulations around tree work and they vary between each council. The need for a permit to cut down a tree can be dependent on each individual council. Adelaide Hills have extra regulations in place that are often being updated or changed.

As a general rule, the removal of any native vegetation will require a permit – as well as the removal of trees classed as regulated or significant. It is always best to consult with a professional regarding your particular job. 

The penalties for cutting down a tree without a permit can range for each offence and are often severe. Fines of over $40,000 have been issued as a penalty for cutting down significant, regulated or local trees without a permit.

It is safest to consult a professional to ensure you avoid the risk of being fined for not having the correct tree removal permit in place.

Yes, there are risks involved with removing a tree. Non-professional tree removal work can cause a higher risk of limb failure in the future, property damage, injury, or it can even leave the tree susceptible to disease.

Yes, AHLG is experienced and qualified to provide tree removal risk assessments and tree removal reports.

AHLG can remove just about any species of tree that is approved by authorities to do so. 

AHLG is here to make your life easier. This means that once the tree is removed, we leave your property in a tidy condition. We are able to cut wood into manageable lengths or even produce firewood from the removed tree. Alternatively, the tree can be mulched and removed from the site, or left for you to use in your garden at your request.

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