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What is lawn irrigation?

Irrigation is an automatic watering system similar to a sprinkler system and is a process of distributing controlled amounts of water to plants/lawns at specified intervals using a water timer. Unlike a pop up sprinkler system, a drip irrigation system will water the roots of the plants and will keep the leaves dry, cutting down the risk of plant disease.

Why should I get an irrigation system installed?

Irrigation systems help with the growth of plants, maintain gardens, and revegetate soil in dry areas in times with less rainfall. An irrigation system takes out the “guess work” and removes the need for manual labor by using irrigation controllers and water timers.

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How can an irrigation system benefit my garden/lawn?

An automatic irrigation system allows us to automate the amount of water getting to your trees, plants and lawn using an irrigation controller. This reduces the risk of disease in the plants, as well as lowering your average water usage. A properly automated irrigation system will keep your garden and lawn thriving all year round.

What kind of irrigation systems would suit my Adelaide Hills garden?

There are many factors that determine the type of garden watering system that will suit you, including your location in Adelaide, water supply, sun exposure/rain access, the size of the area to be irrigated and your budget. As an industry standard in SA and what is quickly becoming all of Australia, sprinkler systems are mostly used on lawns, while drip irrigation systems are mostly used for the rest of the garden. The drip systems are designed to ensure that water reaches the roots of the plants and minimises the water on the face surfaces of the plants. In comparison, the lawn sprinkler system’s purpose is to somewhat mimic natural rainfall.

Do You Audit and Repair Irrigation Systems?

When automated irrigation systems are correctly installed by a professional, there should be no reason for repair work or auditing beyond the usual adjustments required for seasonal variations. However, as with anything involving electronics, incidents can occur from time to time with the irrigation controller systems. Usually, any issues that arise can be quickly rectified by our experienced team.

The irrigation itself is made up of plastic tubing, which is easily replaceable/fixable should the pipe work itself require repairing or readjusting.

We work with trusted irrigation brands such as Hunter and Rain Bird from reputable suppliers, and as such it’s rare for our team to receive callbacks relating to issues with the systems that we install.

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Our process of installing an irrigation system:

The general process of an irrigation system installation is as follows:

Step 1: Assessment and planning.

First, we work out what needs to be irrigated in your garden, where the water supply will come from and flow to, and make a plan of how it will get there.

Step 2: Preparing the site.

Next, we identify any risks/potential for damages to the system – i.e. tree roots, backflow systems, any other underground obstructions, etc.

Step 3: Trenching.

This is where we really get our hands dirty and start to dig out the trenches for the irrigation systems to be laid.

Step 4: Installation.

We then install the irrigation system and set up the automatic watering system, and schedule the water timer.

Step 5: Replanting.

Following installation, we carefully cover up the trenching and the newly installed automated irrigation tubing with mulch, lawn, etc. to ensure your garden looks as seamless as possible.

Step 6: Testing the system.

We test the watering system to ensure it is working correctly, and to check that all sprinklers are at the correct height and pointing in the right direction.

Step 7: Handover.

Finally, we hand the system over to you and give you a practical demonstration of how to use your new garden watering system.

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Read why our Adelaide Hill’s customers love our Lawn Irrigation Systems.

Kris and his team were unreal!!! I had a dodgy irrigation system installed years ago that leaked, wasted water and drowned my garden. Kris came out and took the old system out and put in a new garden watering system, showed me how to use it all and I couldn’t even see where the guys had been working when they left, the job was left spotless. I will be recommending to everyone I know.
Very professional and always let me know plan of action and how we are moving forward together in the future, with costs up-front. Exceptional service and work provided. Friendly and professional staff and flawless accounts irrigation systems.
Mount Barker
Reliable, professional and efficient!! Jarrad was a fantastic help on the phone, and even gave me some tips on watering cycles for my veggie gardens. I will definitely use AHLG for all my gardens needs.
Morphett Vale.
I highly recommend AHLG for irrigation and lawn care. Our lawn is looking so healthy with no weeds in them, and our dog is no longer covered in burrs (best part!!) They were polite, quick and didn’t break the bank. 5 stars from us!
Great experience. Easy to book. Friendly service. The boys arrived on time and had the system up and running by the end of the day!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Irrigation cost?

There are many different factors that determine the cost of irrigation systems, including but not limited to:

  • Length of ground to cover
  • Type of irrigation system- i.e. drip irrigation, sprinkler system, garden irrigation, lawn irrigation etc.
  • Location in Adelaide
  • Accessibility
  • Health of your existing lawn/garden.

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Why do I need an irrigation system?

An irrigation system will save you time, water, and effort! Irrigation systems take the guess work out of your watering regime, and you reduce the risk of over-watering or under-watering your garden or lawn. Automatic irrigation systems can be set to know when and where water is required, without a second thought or any manual labor on your part. An irrigation system removes the stress from maintaining a healthy garden, throughout the scorching heat of summer, through to the chill of winter!

Why do I need a professional to install my irrigation system?

Garden and lawn irrigation systems can be quite complex (especially the technologically advanced systems available today), and if installed incorrectly, you could risk leaving your garden or lawn worse for wear. Irrigation systems that are installed by a professional will last for years and will not require extensive maintenance. Issues like tree roots or other underground obstructions, the height of the sprinkler, and area specific water supply requirements are all things that professionals will take into careful consideration when installing your automatic watering system.

When is the best time of day to water my Adelaide Hills lawn?

The best time to water your lawn is in the early morning, say before 10.00am, when you can miss the heat of the day. Watering in the morning means your lawn will be kept cooler during the hottest parts of the day, which will reduce the stress on your lawn.

Are the team licensed and insured?

Yes! Our team are experienced, qualified in Horticulture, licensed in Landscape Construction, and fully insured.

Do you install irrigation systems in residential gardens only?

AHLG install automatic irrigation systems to suit all types of properties, residential and commercial.

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