Lawn Repairs

Lawn Coring & Aerating

Has your lawn become rock hard or compacted due to high amounts of traffic or general wear and tear and no amount of water seems to help it ‘green up?’

Coring, or aerating a lawn is an extremely important requirement to keeping your lawn at its absolute best.

Our machine removes ‘plugs’ of turf and soil, which then allows oxygen, water and nutrients to penetrate the roots, meaning your lawn will be revived, and back to looking nice and lush!

As part of this service, we then fertilise your lawn immediately after coring, to provide the roots with all the nutrients they need to have the leaf looking as bright and healthy as can be!


Lawn Scarifying

Lawn scarifying is when we use our specialized machine to remove the ‘thatch’ in your lawn.

Lawn ‘thatch’ is a layer of living and dead grass, plus a build up of organic matter, between the top of the soil and the blades of grass. It leaves your lawn feeling extremely ‘spongy’ and when mowed short, leaves it looking almost dead.

Scarifying is performed on more aggressive types of lawn, such as kikuyu, couch or buffalo grass, which have ‘runners’ or stolons.

By scarifying your lawn, it leaves it looking and feeling a lot more level and also allows water to penetrate the root system, meaning your lawn will look nice and green, even when mowed short.

If you want your lawns looking at their best, year-round, then scarifying is an absolute must.


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