Mylor Landscaping

This was a nice job on a clean canvas at this new home in Mylor. The limestone wall came up a treat, creating a lovely feature at the entrance of this gorgeous home. The lush roll out lawn, edging, and mulch provided a nice contrast to the red brick path out the back, along with a sandpit play area for the kids. Job specs: Limestone wall, garden beds, irrigation, steel edging, roll out turf, red brick path.

Matt Perkins

Matt Perkins

Sean O’Grady

Will Fearnhead

Braeden Bezzina

Will Downard⁠⁠

Clint Foster

Michael Sarson

Brad Dawe

Kris Dawe

James Graves

Drew Hampton

Josh Tink

Cam Turner

Tate Crowden

Paul Bickerstaff

Brandon Matthews

Patty Bradshaw

Sam Rowe

Jarrad Tait

Luke Timmins

Luke Timmins

Garth Butefisch

Dylan McKay

Dylan McKay

Liam Woolcock

Todd Trenorden AHLG mechanic

Todd Trenorden

Ben Clavell AHLG

Ben Clavell

Jono Foster

Jonathon Foster

Thomas Burridge

Jacob Burridge

Matt Crook AHLG

Matt Crook

Bob Hallett AHLG

Bob Hallett

Mat Fawcett

Kylie Hough

Lachi Cross

Kane Highet

Jacob Sachse

Charlie Cross

Brad Applebee

Bayden Willis

Kris Dawson

Tyler Davey

Tom Bedding