The Creeping Gardener – October 2019

We are already reaching capacity with our schedules, but we are also on the look out for a new EXPERIENCED team member and also another trainee!

We’ve had another irrigation and turf expert join our ranks this last month, and he is off to a very busy start!! Simon has joined us with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry, ranging from golf courses to estimating, team leading and everything in between! He and Ben have been under Kris’ guidance in showing them the ‘AHLG way’ and have been smashing out the lawn renovations like mad men!

Clint and the landscaping lads are on absolute fire at Mount Lofty House! We’ve been asked to post more updates on this project, so we’ll crack on with that from now! The stone walls are looking a treat, the paving is well under way, and a new lawns and plants are soon to follow!
It’s been a great learning experience for us, working on a larger building site, but one our guys have risen to! This team has been bolstered in a large way, with Jimmy joining the team a few weeks ago. He has some great experience and skills, and is an absolute ripper of a bloke to go with it!

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