The Creeping Gardener – September 2019

The past month has been one of our busiest ever, with so many things going on with our residential, commercial and landscaping crews, not to mention in the warmth of the office too!

Our landscaping boys have made some great inroads at our Mount Lofty House project, and have also completed some brilliant little residential jobs too. Clint has his troops firing on all cylinders, in preparation for a huge spring!

We have another young fella with a heap of experience joining our team (today in fact!) and we are really excited about this! Jimmy will bring a load more enthusiasm, skill and work ethic to our team and we are all looking forward to seeing him get stuck in! He’s a great lad and we know he will fit in with our culture from word go!

Cam has stepped up big time to take control of our commercial ‘division’ and has had some great help from Ben and Ryan in particular, and with the watchful eye of Kris overseeing things. The boys have spent a lot of time tidying up a load of round-abouts and dead-end road garden beds for the City of Unley Council, who are extremely happy with their work!

Our residential teams have stepped up big time once again, and have battled through the wintry weather without any complaint, whilst maintaining their lofty standards! We’re always striving to take our service to the next level, and these guys always take on new challenges without any qualms! They’re all more than happy to see the sun pop its head out too!!


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