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Trees have many different reasons for needing to be removed, whether it be size, safety hazards, or a landscaping change. AHLG’s Tree Team has many years of climbing experience, and specialise in removing trees of all sizes. Our team is well versed in all things tree removal, stump removal, palm tree removal and all things in between. We can help you with removing everything from small shrubs to extra-large trees, with no job too big or difficult for us to handle.

We also have the option to clear the wood chippings and mulched trees, or we can leave it for you at your request, to use in the garden. AHLG will review and remove trees at our clients request, as long as the reason for removal meets our requirements. Trees are an important part of the environment, so it is for this reason we need to assess if the tree is able to be removed, and if it is necessary and safe to do so.

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AHLG is a team of experienced and qualified gardeners, horticulturalists and landscapers who take great pride in their work and love to work their magic on all types of gardens throughout Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills. In 2019, we were awarded the Residential Landscape Maintenance of the Year Award by the Master Landscapers of SA.

A great, professional team of guys. They did stump removal and lots of tree cutting and tree trimming all on the same day. Stoked with the results.
Stirling, SA
The boys were on time, well priced and efficient. We will definitely get them back for some tree trimming!
Nairne, SA

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Tree Removal Frequently Asked Questions

How much does tree removal cost?

There are many different factors that determine the cost of tree removal, including but not limited to:

  • height,
  • circumference,
  • location,
  • accessibility,
  • and health of the tree, etc.

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Why do I need a professional tree removal service?

It is always best to use a professional tree removal service. Removing trees come with many hurdles, including safety hazards, roots that may cause damage to houses when removed, pests, etc. When your hire a professional tree removal surface, you are taking out the risk of tree removal and ensuring the best and safest result. We are insured to perform tree removal work and employ a qualified arborist who heads our tree division. When you hire AHLG to remove your trees, you are receiving a service that will help to ensure that you can avoid having any bigger issues down the track.

Do I need a permit to cut down a tree?

There are lots of regulations around tree work and they vary between each council. The need for a permit to cut down a tree can be dependent on each individual council. Adelaide Hills have extra regulations in place that are often being updated or changed. As a general rule, the removal of any native vegetation will require a permit – as well as the removal of trees classed as regulated or significant. It is always best to consult with a professional regarding your particular job.

What are the penalties for cutting a tree without a permit?

The penalties for cutting down a tree without a permit can range for each offence and are often severe. Fines of over $40,000 have been issued as a penalty for cutting down significant, regulated or local trees without a permit. It is safest to consult a professional to ensure you avoid the risk of being fined for not having the correct tree removal permit in place.

Are there risks involved with removing a tree?

Yes, there are risks involved with removing a tree. Non-professional tree removal work can cause a higher risk of limb failure in the future, property damage, injury, or it can even leave the tree susceptible to disease.

Can AHLG provide tree risk assessments & reports?

Yes, AHLG is experienced and qualified to provide tree removal risk assessments and tree removal reports.

What kind of trees can AHLG remove?

AHLG can remove just about any species of tree that is approved by authorities to do so.

What happens to the tree after its removed?

AHLG is here to make your life easier. This means that once the tree is removed, we leave your property in a tidy condition. We are able to cut wood into manageable lengths or even produce firewood from the removed tree. Alternatively, the tree can be mulched and removed from the site, or left for you to use in your garden at your request.

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Adelaide Hills Qualified Arborist Tree Expert

We are very lucky to have our tree expert and Level 5 Qualified Arborist, Juan, on our team as our Tree Division Manager. Juan is a highly experienced team member with a wealth of knowledge on all things tree care, tree cutting, trimming, trunk and stump removal, and everything in between!

While we endeavor to protect and preserve tree life, we are aware they can often grow to be a hazard to your home. Contact us to get a quote and find out how we can help you.

I had a large gum tree in my front yard over hanging my driveway. The guys came out to remove it while I was at work. Hassle free, and very quick turnaround time from quote to job completion. Very affordable tree services.
Happy Valley, SA
Their arborist is a whizz. the tree stump removal cost was way less than expected. AHLG made the job look easy!!

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